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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nuclear Energy - News August 13, 2011

Nuclear Energy - News August 13, 2011

Nuclear regulatory agency to be affiliated with Environment Ministry
Nuclear regulatory agency to be affiliated with Environment Ministry(Asahi Shimbun)
Goshi Hosono, the state minister in charge of the Fukushima nuclear accident Japan's new nuclear regulation agency will be affiliated with the Environment Ministry, far from the reach of the powerful Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry that controlled the nuclear industry before the Fukushima nuclear disaster.
Latest on flooding: Aug. 12 (The Papillion Times)
River drops: The Missouri River has dropped almost 2 feet where it passes the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station, according to the Omaha Public Power District.
Yucca not best place for storing nuclear waste (Big News Network)
There are better places than Yucca Mountain to bury nuclear waste even though the ridge would be safe enough to store the nation's growing stack of spent fuel from commercial power reactors.That's what one expert on Energy Secretary Steven Chu's Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future believes.The expert, Per Peterson, a UC Berkeley ...

TVA: Rate Increases Could be Considered (The Daily News)
A rate increase for Tennessee Valley Authority customers may be in the works when the utility's board meets Thursday in Knoxville.

Ancient glass clue to storing Hanford waste
Ancient glass clue to storing Hanford waste (KOMO News)
A shipwreck 1,800 years ago in the Adriatic Sea might give scientists at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory better information about how well modern glass might work to contain radioactive waste.
Alabama Nuclear Power Plant May Get Revival (Hispanic Business)
Later this month, the board of the Tennessee Valley Authority could take up a proposal to complete the Bellefonte nuclear power plant in northeast Alabama.


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