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Friday, November 18, 2011

Radiation Alerts update for 11-18-01

Second round of KNPP talks end in stalemate (Newindpress)
CHENNAI: The second meeting of the experts committees formed by the central and the Tamil Nadu governments to allay fears about the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project in Tamil Nadu ended in a stalemate Friday, said a leader of the anti-project protesters.

Fukushima rice shipments banned over radiation concerns (Central Asia News.Net)
Shipments of rice from an area near the nuclear power station at Fukushima have been banned by the Japanese government after high levels of radioactive caesium were detected.

Japan Inc steps up shift overseas as yen stays high (Reuters)
Nissan Motor's Iwaki factory is seen in Iwaki, about 50km from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, Fukushima prefecture May 17, 2011.

Barrow woman victim of espionage scandal (North-West Evening Mail)
The group later became known as Cumbrians Opposed to a Radioactive Environment which campaigns against nuclear fuel being imported into and exported from the county.

EU states irked over cuts of nuclear, satellite projects (All Voices)
BRUSSELS Britain and a clutch of European Union states are protesting the removal from the EU budget of a next-generation nuclear reactor and an Earth observation satellite they consider vital for Europe.

Radiation Mystery Solved? Budapest 'Probably' the Source (760 WJR)
Nuclear officials said Thursday they believe they have traced the source of a massive, but harmless, radiation plume that has spread across the atmosphere in Europe to an institute in Hungary, but the head of the institute disagrees.

2012 Elections have nuclear impact in France – Party proposes closing 24 of 58 reactors by 2025:In an electoral pact with the Green party, Europe Ecologie-Les Verts, France's Socialists have agreed to phase out a large chunk of the country's nuclear capacity and guarantee the Greens seats in the next parliament in return for their electoral support. In replacing largely depreciated, long-life assets with less reliable alternatives, the move would deprive state-controlled.

Airborne Radiation Dose Measured by Robot at 1st floor of Reactor Buildings of Unit 3 at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station November 16, 2011 Tokyo Electric Power Company Approx. 1,300mSv/h detected near the surface of the northern grooved rail when whether the water exists in the rail or not was being checked Related articles Completion of Cover Construction at Reactor.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Radiation Alerts: About Fallout' (1963): US DoD Documentary Short

Radiation Alerts: About Fallout' (1963): US DoD Documentary Short

Radiation Alerts

Small fire extinguished at Davis Besse Nuclear Plant (WKYC-TV Cleveland)
FirstEnergy spokesman Todd Schneider said that an overhead pipe, with a leaking valve, caused water to drip below onto a 480-volt electrical panel at the plant.

Nuke agency says radiation persists in Europe (York Dispatch)
The U.N. nuclear agency says that seven European countries are reporting low but unusual levels of radiation for a second week.

Russian nuclear site fuels controversy (Swissinfo)
One of Switzerland's leading energy utilities, Axpo, has announced that it is suspending uranium imports from the controversial Mayak processing plant in Russia.

Public Square debates nuclear energy (Richmond Times-Dispatch)
Dominion Virginia Power's North Anna Power Station produces about 20 percent of the electricity the company generates in Virginia annually, but the Aug.

Why Nigeria won't rush into building nuclear power, by NAEC (Guardian Newspapers)
NIGERIA is unrelenting in its desire to utilise other energy sources, including nuclear technology to address its electricity supply challenges.

Vietnam plans over $142 mln for nuclear power human resources
Vietnam will invest VND3 trillion into human resources training for nuclear power as of 2020, VnExpress reported Monday.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Radiation Alerts: Radiation Alerts

Radiation Alerts: Radiation Alerts

Radiation Alerts

Fairewinds Presentation to the San Clemente City Council
VIDEO UPDATE: October 11th, 2011
Are Regulators And The Nuclear Industry Applying The Valuable Lessons Learned From Fukushima?
Fairewinds Presentation to the San Clemente City Council. Fairewinds chief engineer Arnie Gundersen discusses three nuclear safety problems uncovered during the Fukushima accident that nuclear regulators and the nuclear industry wish they could ignore. Why isn't the industry designing nuclear plants to withstand the worst natural events? Why aren't nuclear regulators, governments, and citizens who live and work near a nuclear plant prepared for a nuclear accident? How much does the NRC value human life? Finally, Fairewinds' Gundersen concludes that the NRC is not implementing adequate safety changes because the NRC believes that a serious accident is impossible.

Watch Video Now

The Valuable Lessons Learned From Fukushima?
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Monday, October 3, 2011

Radiation Alerts

News October 3, 2011

Earthquake Sparks Va. Nuclear Meetings (WUSA9)
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is meeting to discuss its report on the impact of a 5.8-magnitude earthquake at Dominion's North Anna Power Station.

Japan's hula girls reopen resort near Fukushima (The Sydney Morning Herald)
A group of Japanese hula girls, celebrated in cinema for saving their once-fading coal town from oblivion, have taken on an even more daunting mission: stopping Fukushima from becoming a nuclear ghost town.

Japan begins energy debate as nuclear forces fight back (Reuters)
As Japan's leader when the Fukushima nuclear crisis began in March, Naoto Kan concluded atomic power simply was not worth the risk.

Nuclear Energy After Fukushima (The Epoch Times)
After nuclear disaster devastated Chernobyl in 1986, European nations were cautious about nuclear energy for many years.

Bulgaria, Russia Agree on New Nuclear Project Delay (Sofia News Agency)
A file picture dated September, 2008, showing workers during the construction of the first 1 000 MW unit of the second nuclear plant of Belene, Bulgaria.

Japanese nuclear companies manipulated public opinion AM : 03:17 (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
TONY EASTLEY: In Japan, an independent investigation has revealed that for years nuclear power companies conspired with governments to manipulate public opinion in favour of nuclear energy.

GE warns nuclear reactors could struggle in earthquake (The Jersey Journal)
A manufacturer of dozens of boiling water nuclear reactors in the country, including many on the East Coast, warned the Nuclear Regulatory Commission last year and reiterated last week that earthquakes could hinder its reactors from shutting down.

Van Buren County Nuclear Plant Returns To Service (WXMI-TV Grand Rapids)
The Palisades Nuclear Plant returned to service at midday Sunday. Palisades spokesman Mark Savage announced just before 3:30 p.m. Sunday that the plant, which is owned by Entergy , was returned to service and synchronized to the Michigan electrical grid at 11:43 a.m. Sunday.

Palisades Nuclear Plant returned to service after being down for the past week (MLive)
After being offline for the past week , the Palisades Nuclear Plant was returned to service and synchronized to the Michigan Electrical Grid on Sunday at 11:43 a.m., Palisades spokesman Mark Savage said in a press release.

Electric plane-flinger for US and Royal navies doing well (Free Republic)
The electromagnetic mass-driver catapults that will equip the next generation of aircraft carriers in the British and US navies are doing well in tests.

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Friday, September 30, 2011

Radiation Alerts
“Radiation Alerts on current Nuclear reactor and waste issues”
Curated by Radiation Alerts News at Snoop it..

See dozens of current stories on Nuclear issue from Japan and around the world..

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Radiation Alerts September 16- 24.

Dangerous fractures discovered on area for nuclear power plant
Scientists think that there might exist, a dangerous fracture in the area reserved for the Ninh Thuan nuclear power plant, urging to conduct thorough survey on the issue to avoid possible risks.

Nuclear power in oilsands debated (Calgary Herald)
Participants soldiered on at the Global Business Forum in Banff on Friday afternoon after a power outage stilled microphones and halted a PowerPoint presentation.

Dangerous fractures discovered on area for nuclear power plant (VietNamNet)
Scientists think that there might exist, a dangerous fracture in the area reserved for the Ninh Thuan nuclear power plant, urging to conduct thorough survey on the issue to avoid possible risks.

Reactor Reax Top Stories - US Insurance Fund Can't Cover Major Nuclear Disaster (Salem-News)
Unpaid bills, insurance companies that can't cover costs... it is all a result of capitalism-gone-wild; corners cut during the construction of nuclear facilities, In a word, the world is now extremely unsafe due to nuclear practices that mostly originate in the U.S. Solar flap misses point on energy subsidies , , The Hill, September 21, 2011.

Noda tells U.N. end to nuke crisis in sight (The Japan Times)
Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda expressed confidence during a speech at the United Nations that the Fukushima nuclear crisis will be brought under control in the not-too-distant future.

Possible pump problem at Pilgrim resolved (Worcester Telegram & Gazette)
The Pilgrim nuclear power plant has fixed potential problems in the system that pumps cooling ocean water into the facility.

Sept 23rd

Russian nuclear sub damaged in collision with fishing ship (RIA Novosti)
A Russian strategic submarine received light damage to its outer hull when a fishing vessel rammed into it early on Thursday, a Pacific Fleet source said.

Singapore to host nuclear safety seminar in 2012 (Suria)
The seminar will address regional cooperation on emergency preparedness and response capabilities, said Minister for Foreign Affairs and Law, Mr K Shanmugam.

Germany Can Do Without Nuclear Power (Wall Street Journal)
Civilian nuclear power has been the subject of highly charged debate in German politics and society for many years.

CH2M Hill to pay $1.5M in settlement with US (KNDO)
A subsidiary of CH2M Hill Companies Ltd. has agreed to pay $1.5 million to resolve allegations that it submitted false claims and paid kickbacks relating to a federal contract to manage mixed radioactive waste at the Hanford nuclear site in south-central Washington state.

151-nation meeting endorses nuke safety plan (KMTR Eugene)
Members of the 151-nation International Atomic Energy Agency have endorsed a post-Fukushima nuclear safety plan but the IAEA chief says it will only be as good as the will of individual countries to enact it.

UN tries to improve nuclear safety in wake of Japan disaster (Canada)
The UN nuclear agency's 151 member states endorsed an action plan on Thursday to help strengthen global nuclear safety in the wake of Japan's Fukushima accident, despite criticism from some that it does not go far enough.

Westinghouse work continues in Switzerland, as country suspends new nuclear plans(Business Journal)
This one is to replace two reactor vessel heads at the utility's Beznau nuclear plant in Dottingen, Switzerland.

Ban urges better safety, security at nuke plants (The Kansas City Star)
U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is urging strong international action to boost safety and security of nuclear power plants against accidents and terrorist attack.Ban told a high-level meeting Thursday at the General Assembly that the meltdown at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant after the earthquake and tsunami that struck northeastern Japan ... (more)

News September 22, 2011

Officials lay out scenario for nuclear disaster at Watts Bar (Chattanooga Times Free Press)
The scenario for this pseudo nuclear emergency was written much earlier, and most of the 700 people responding had no idea how it would play out.

MIT lands bulk of nuclear energy grants (Business Journal)
The research grants are designed to spawn the next generation of nuclear energy technologies and are targeted at upgrading research reactors throughout the nation, MIT and the BBJ report.

U.S. learns nuclear plant lessons (USA Today)
Six months after a quake and tsunami crippled Japan's Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power station, new recommendations for improved safety of U.S. nuclear reactors are beginning to emerge from the disaster.

NRC cites Southern Nuclear for Plant Vogtle violation (The Augusta Chronicle)
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has issued a notice of violation to Southern Nuclear over testing deficiencies in a plastic membrane used in site work for the planned addition of two new reactors at Plant Vogtle.

Typhoon pounds Japan, crippled nuclear plant (Canada)
A powerful typhoon struck Japan on Wednesday, killing six people, disrupting public transportation and pummeling Tokyo and northeastern Japan including the tsunami-crippled Fukushima nuclear plant with heavy rain, officials and media said.

Green Wheels: "Nuclear Cars" Have Reactors on Board (Connecticut's WB 20)
Jesse Berst of the Center for Smart Energy points out that if Thomas Edison came back from the grave he'd find our electric grid pretty much just as he left it.

News September 21, 2011

Scottish nuclear leak 'will never be completely cleaned up' (Guardian Unlimited)
The Scottish Environment Protection Agency has abandoned its aim to remove all traces of contamination from the north coast seabed Radioactive contamination that leaked for more than two decades from the Dounreay nuclear plant on the north coast of mainland Scotland will never been completely cleaned up, a Scottish government agency has admitted.

Darrell Issa to probe government loan programs after Solyndra collapse (Philadelphia's WB 17)
Rep. Darrell Issa , chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said that he plans to launch an investigation into government loan programs, in response to the implosion of solar equipment maker Solyndra, which got a $535-million federal loan guarantee in 2009.

Mich. reactor restarts after cooling system issue (Canadian Business Magazine)
The Palisades Nuclear Plant in southwestern Michigan has restarted after being shut down because of a loss of water in a cooling system.

Siemens Turns Its Back on Nuclear Energy (Matter Network)
German industrial giant Siemens has decided to follow the lead set by the country's government, and walk away from nuclear energy altogether.

UN agency lowers projected growth of nuke power (The Las Vegas Sun)
The U.N. nuclear agency says it now expects nuclear power to grow more slowly than before the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

News September 20, 2011

U.S. ill-equipped to deal with Japan-like nuclear meltdown (NJ)
The Salem and Hope Creek Nuclear Generating Station in Lower Alloways Creek is seen in this 2002 file photo.

Local cinema in Somerset stalls EDF's plans to build its first nuclear reactor in the UK (This Is Money)
A small independent cinema in rural Somerset has upset plans for French energy giant EDF to build its first new nuclear reactor in the UK after the High Court granted a judicial review putting the project on ice.

Radioactive Car Engine? (Fox News)
In 2009, artist Lorus Kulesus unveiled designs for a sleek, aerodynamic roadster with a striking front grill and massive "tires" made up of 24 separate wheels stacked together in four groups.

French Nuke Accident Leads India To Reexamine Its Nuclear Ambitions (Forbes)
I cover energy, water, clean tech, waste of many kinds, green business, green building, and more for The New York Times, Wired News, International Herald Tribune -- and now Forbes! In my spare time I like to travel and garden.

Anti-nuclear Protesters March In Japan (Voice of America)
Organizers say 60,000 participated, in their largest protest since the mid-March nuclear plant accident at Fukushima, September 19, 2011.

News September 19, 2011

Dominion: No Common Cause in Sudden Reactor Shutdowns (WCAV)
A Dominion Virginia Power official says the company hasn't found any common cause for a series of unplanned nuclear reactor shutdowns over the past two years.

Callaway nuclear plant alert ends without incident (KSDK-TV Saint Louis)
All is well at the nuclear power plant operated by Ameren Missouri where an 'alert' was issued on Sunday due to a potentially hazardous atmosphere caused by a refrigerant leak in one of two rooms which contain the air conditioning system at the Fulton facility.

U.S. energy secretary blasts Irana s nuclear a deceita (Washington Times)
Tehran, however, said Western pressure was to blame for its decision to relocate thousands of enrichment machines into a fortified subterranean location and for refusing to open its nuclear activities to greater outside perusal.

Japan: Fukushima water temps to be lower this year (StarNewsOnline)
A Japanese government minister says his country plans to bring water temperatures under control at the reactors of the tsunami-stricken Fukushima nuclear plant by the end of this year.

Watts Bar Nuclear Facility. File / The Tennessean (The Tennessean)
As the Tennessee Valley Authority prepares to add more nuclear energy to its portfolio, it is betting on slightly more than 1 percent growth in electricity use each year, even as demand nationwide is expected to shrink.

Thousands march against nuclear power in Tokyo (ETruth)
Several thousand people are marching in downtown Tokyo calling on the government to abandon nuclear energy in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear accident.

Siemens quitting nuclear business (The State)
The German industrial conglomerate confirmed remarks by chief executive Peter Loescher in weekly German magazine Der Spiegel that his company would continue to deliver components to nuclear plants as needed, but would not invest any more in developing nuclear energy.

Japanese anti-nuclear advocates visit Riverkeeper, share stories of Fukushima disaster
Japanese anti-nuclear advocates, including one whose farm is contaminated with radioactivity from the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear plant, shared their stories Friday with American counterparts working to close Indian Point.

Nuclear plant explosion in southern France (Lubbock County Register)
FRANCE - An explosion has rocked a nuclear plant in southern France on Monday, the French nuclear safety body said, according to the Associated Press.

Louisa quake shaping debate on future of nuclear power (Richmond Times-Dispatch)
Nine days after an earthquake shut down the North Anna nuclear plant in August, federal regulators launched a public reappraisal of the seismological risks posed to commercial reactors east of the Rocky Mountains .

Political elite can't stand outsiders (The Japan Times)
Yoshio Hachiro's stint as the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry in the new Yoshihiko Noda administration was not the briefest cabinet assignment on record, but it was certainly one of the most controversial.

France tries nuclear plant tourism (North Port Sun)
Every year at a weekend-long "heritage" event, France throws open doors to centuries-old castles and monuments.

September 17, 2011

Japanese Delegation on Fukushima and Nuclear Safety (Institute for Public Accuracy)
A farming family from the now radioactively contaminated Fukushima region in Japan, along with one American and three leading Japanese anti-nuclear campaigners, will be available for interviews while visiting the U.S. The group will deliver eye-witness accounts about the health impacts and continued contamination produced by the Fukushima-Daiichi ...

Fukushima evacuees to make brief return (Polk County Democrat)
About 20,000 families from the exclusion zone around Japan's wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant will be allowed to return to their homes Monday to collect belongings and check their properties.

Pakistan seeking 'third-generation nuclear technology'... (India Talkies)
Dalian , Sept 17 : Islamabad plans to import latest Chinese nuclear technology, a senior Pakistan government official has said.

9/16/2011 - Reactor shut down after cooling system issue (WWUP-TV Cadillac)
The Palisades Nuclear Plant in southwestern Michigan has been shut down due to a loss of water in a cooling system.

What price safe nuclear power? | Damian Carrington (Guardian Unlimited)
A sober analysis of what is needed to make the global nuclear power industry safe and secure reveals a mountain to climb Power lines and cooling towers at Jaslovske Bohunice, Slovakia's oldest nuclear power plant.

Former IDF chief reveals new details of Israel's nuclear program (Haaretz Daily News)
In the tense period at the end of May and the beginning of June 1967, with Israel feeling choked in a tightening siege, Lt.

September 16, 2011
U.S. can't account for 6 tons of "weapons usable" nuclear material (AM 1430 The BUZZ)
A new report from the Government Accountability Office warns that close to 6,000 pounds of "weapons usable" plutonium is unaccounted for.

Brazil looks to expand nuclear energy output (Colombia News)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Brazil is planning to expand its nuclear energy output by building five more reactors to augment the two currently in operation, Energy Minister Edison Lobao said Thursday.

NRC Continues to Push for Groundwater Protection at Nuclear Power Plants (Patch)
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission voted in favor of continuing to enforce existing regulations involving groundwater protection at nuclear power plants, including Oyster Creek Generating Station, spokesperson Neil Sheehan said.

S.Africa to build new nuclear plants (International Business Times)
Africa's biggest economy has said it would invest in nuclear power to boost supplies and reduce its heavy carbon footprint.

Japan accident cuts nuclear power growth in half (Chattanooga Times Free Press)
The aftershocks from the March earthquake that crippled Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant are still rumbling across the global nuclear power industry, cutting in half previous projections about the number of new reactors to be built in the next two decades, a top industry leader said today.

Dounreay to return nuclear waste (BBC News)
The material will be shipped by sea as part of a long standing inter-government agreement signed when highly enriched nuclear fuel from all over the world was reprocessed at Dounreay.

French nuclear company will assist TVA in completing Bellefonte nuclear plant (Alabama Live)
French-based Areva, one of the world's largest nuclear power companies, will work with TVA on the utility's $4.9 billion project to finish work at its Bellefonte site in Jackson County.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Radiation Alerts

Autumn Actions for a Nuclear-Free World....


September 13, 2011

Dear Friends,

It's been exactly six months--almost to the hour as I write this--that the explosion at Fukushima Daiichi's plutonium-powered Unit-3 reactor ripped apart its fuel pool and reactor building, sending black smoke high into the air and radiation across the globe.

That explosion and the accompanying three meltdowns at Fukushima forever destroyed any semblance of the myth that nuclear power is safe or clean, or even has a place on our planet.

We've had six months of radiation releases, six months of changing stories about how much radiation has been released--stories that change only in one direction: upwards; six months of the Japanese government failing to protect its people, going so far as to increase allowable radiation standards in order to avoid compensating people who should be evacuated.

And we've had six months in the U.S. of close calls and unfortunate proof of our own unreadiness to cope with a nuclear accident. We've had floods, earthquakes and hurricanes, all of which have tested U.S. reactors and served as additional warnings of the follies of nuclear technology--just in case we were heedless of the warning of Fukushima. We've had a government proving itself incapable of coordinated and effective radiation monitoring from a distant accident--setting up new alarm bells about our ability to monitor an accident much closer to home.

We've had six months, and we've had enough.

This Autumn, we urge you to bring your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues and come out to the streets with a simple message: No More Nuclear Power.

A group that formed on Facebook following Fukushima is making it easy for you. The group, called Coalition Against Nukes, is already organizing rallies and other events in many cities for October 1, including a major rally in New York City with Helen Caldicott, John Hall, Harvey Wasserman and many more. You can find a full list of actions already planned, along with contact information, on NIRS website here. We're updating it as more actions are announced (and don't forget to send us your updates!).

We're sure a lot of these local actions could use some additional volunteer help, so don't hesitate to contact them!

Don't see an action near enough to you? Then start one. Seriously. It's not that hard. Get some friends together. Decide on a location. Write a quick press release and get it to your local media. Print a leaflet and start handing them out. Post them on websites and blogs. Send the info to NIRS and we'll add it to the Actions page.

Need a hand? If you use Facebook, you can contact Coalition Against Nukes here. If you don't, contact NIRS and we'll help too.

It's been six months. It's time for us all to act.

Thanks for all you do; right now, we ask that you do just a little more...

Michael Mariotte
Executive Director
Nuclear Information and Resource Service

Note: Many people still have not yet signed the latest petition to Japan's government, calling for stricter radiation standards and more evacuation of people living in contaminated zones. If you haven't yet signed, please do so now here. The people of Japan are asking for our support!

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Nuclear Energy - News September 15, 2011
From / Tppix /
Lucas Whitefield Hixson | Information Architect | Enformable
and other sources.

After Japan. Where does the world go after the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accident? (The University of Western Ontario)
This week marks six months since a 9.0 earthquake and ensuing tsunami sparked the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accident, a massive incident involving equipment failures, meltdowns triggered by fuel pools and radiation release.

10am: Parliament restricts access to information about nuclear energy (Slovak Spectator)
Parliament passed the so-called Atomic Act on Wednesday, September 14, restricting access to sensitive documents containing information about nuclear energy.

Europeans Reignite Fusion Energy Project (Tech Review)
A team of researchers has restarted the world's largest fusion experiment - the Joint European Torus reactor, near Oxford, U.K. The move is a step forward in the quest for practical nuclear fusion.

Poland can't afford to scrap nuclear plans: minister (Gulf Times)
Poland will not abandon its nuclear power plans despite Europes economic crisis and growing public opposition following Japans Fukushima disaster, a government official responsible for the project said yesterday.

Durham anti-nuclear movement mourns loss of leader (DurhamRegion)
Mr. Martin, a founder of Durham Nuclear Awareness, died on Sept. 9 after a four-year battle against prostate cancer.

French nuclear blast no big deal: Minister (Turkish Daily News)
France is 'interested' in Turkey's plans to construct two or three nuclear power plant, French Minister Besson says a day after nuclear blast in south France.

Status of TEPCO’s Facilities and its services (as of September 12)
-Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station: Units 1 to 3: shutdown due to the earthquake (Units 4 to 6: outage due to regular inspections) *From 8:05 am to 9:35 am on September 12, we conducted dust sampling at the upper part of reactor building of Unit 3 using a large crane vehicle. *At 2:01 pm on September [...]

Covert Nuclear Double-Cross – Kaieda, Matsumoto worked to undermine Kan’s authority with Veitnam nuclear project
In August, his days numbered as prime minister, Naoto Kan refused to authorize exports of nuclear power plant technology to Vietnam despite having actively pushed the project months earlier. Alarmed that the huge contracts could go to another country, then Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Banri Kaieda and Foreign Minister Takeaki Matsumoto went over [...]

Specialists Investigation Reveals Meltdowns and Nuclear Disaster Caused By TEPCO’s Inability to Handle Situation Correctly
The original website : Nuclear energy specialists team analyzed Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant data and put together their opinions. It said "Although tsunami caused the power plants blackout, it wouldn't have caused severe crisis like meltdown if it had been handled properly." The massive tsunami attacked Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. #1 reactor completely lost the AC source. [...]

A view of dust sampling at the upper part of the Reactor Building of Unit 1 at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (pictured on September 11, 2011)
*From 9:45 am to 1:30 pm on September 11, we conducted dust sampling at the upper part of reactor building of Unit 1 using a large crane vehicle., via Enformable

Status of TEPCO’s Facilities and its services (as of September 11)
- Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station: Units 1 to 3: shutdown due to the earthquake (Units 4 to 6: outage due to regular inspections), via @Enformable

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Radiation Alerts

Kenyan Oil Pipeline, French Nuclear Site Explode + Earthquakes, Flooding, Fracking & Fukushima (TreeHugger)
From today's pipeline explosion in Kenya and nuclear plant explosion in the south of France, to word coming late last week about the effects of the Virginia earthquake on nuclear power, to the amount of radiation released into the sea in the Fukushima nuclear disaster, to questions raised about the intersection of fracking and floodplains in New ... (more)

Recommendations for nuclear plants come after Louisa quake (Richmond Times-Dispatch)
The North Anna nuclear-power plant in Virginia is emerging as a test case for federal regulators as they reassess the dangers posed to U.S. nuclear reactors by earthquakes and other natural disasters.

New PM: Japan should aim to reduce nuclear power (Newsday)
Addressing parliament in his first policy speech since taking office two weeks ago, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda also said he would press ahead with the recovery along the tsunami-battered northeastern coast, calling on his fellow citizens not to forget "the spirit of dignity of all Japanese that was displayed despite the hopelessness of this ... (more)

Fukushima reactors now stable - IAEA (Independent Online)
The reactors at Japan's crippled Fukushima atomic power plant are now "essentially stable", the United Nations nuclear chief said on Monday, six months after the world's worst nuclear disaster in a quarter of a century.

Entergy, Vt. square off over nuclear plant future (Sunherald)
An executive at the company that owns Vermont's only nuclear power plant told a federal judge Monday that he felt heavy pressure from state officials to sell power at a price favorable to Vermont utilities if his company wanted the state to allow the plant to continue operating.

NRC staff: Reassess Earthquake Risk at Nuke Plants (NBC29)
Staff at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission say the agency should immediately require operators to evaluate whether nuclear plants can withstand earthquakes and floods after events in Japan and Virginia.

Inspection team checking out Neb. nuclear plant (WOI-TV West Des Moines)
A special team of federal inspectors is at the Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant looking for the cause of a small fire at the plant in June.

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Radiation Alerts and Scoop it

Radiation Alerts has obtained a Radiation Alert Scoop it account
and by clicking here you can see many more current stories on
Radiation from Japan and around the world..

You will be shocked

Radiation Alerts.
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Radiation Alerts and other sources. 9-11-11

Radiation Alerts and other sources. 9-11-11

Fukushima's wave of despair (The Sydney Morning Herald)
As Japan prepares to mark six months since the March earthquake, tens of thousands remain in temporary housing, mourning loved ones, fearful of radiation and despairing over a marathon road to recovery.

Japanese minister leaves over nuclear crisis gaffe (Monterey County Herald)
In this photo released by Prime Minister's Office of Japan, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, second from left, speaks to workers of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant while visiting the crippled plant in Okuma, northeastern Japan, first time since he took the office Thursday, Sept.

Japanese minister leaves over nuclear crisis gaffe (Athens Banner-Herald)
In this photo released by Prime Minister's Office of Japan, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, second from left, speaks to workers of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant while visiting the crippled plant in Okuma, northeastern Japan, first time since he took the office Thursday, Sept.

Join the Nuclear Club (Salt Lake City Weekly)
Curses, Foiled Again Two men wearing heavy makeup, women's clothing and wigs held up a Denver jewelry store at gunpoint, forcing the owners to unlock display cases.

'Rise' in UK support for nuclear (BBC News)
An opinion poll suggests that support for nuclear power in Britain has increased in the wake of the Fukushima disaster.

Pennsylvania nuclear plants operate despite floods (WTTV Indianapolis)
All three nuclear power plants in Pennsylvania along the Susquehanna River continued to operate at high power, plant operators said on Friday, after the river had flooded several towns in New York and Pennsylvania.

Some Hanford cleanup deadlines to be postponed (KOMO News)
Hanford regulators have agreed to let some interim environmental cleanup deadlines slide at the nuclear reservation to focus on the highest priority work, given the realities of the federal budget.

Radiation Alerts.
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Radiation Alerts

Posted: 04 Sep 2011 06:58 AM PDT


Fukushima Blows Lid Off Exploited Labour – nuclear workers castigated as ‘radiation- exposed people’
The Fukushima disaster has thrown up the first opportunity in decades to bring justice to thousands of unskilled workers who risk radioactive contamination to keep Japan's nuclear power plants running. “Fukushima has created public awareness on a section of nuclear workers castigated as 'radiation- exposed people' but forming the dark underbelly of an industry that [...]

In Japan, City Radiation Inspectors Told NOT to Inspect Highest Potential Radiation Areas
DATE, Japan—This sprawling city, 35 miles away from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi reactors, is leading the next phase of Japan’s struggles with radiation: deciding how to handle populations in contaminated communities where the level isn’t high enough to justify evacuation. Five months after a nuclear accident blew radioactive particles across the countryside, contamination in Date [...]

Fukushima Daiichi Dust Measurement Points
The Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant also known as Fukushima Dai-ichi(dai-ichi means “number one”), is a disabled nuclear power plant located on a 3.5-square-kilometre (860-acre) site in the towns of Okuma and Futaba in the Futaba District of Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. First commissioned in 1971, the plant consists of six boiling water reactors (BWR). These light water reactors drove electrical generators with a combined power of 4.7 GWe, making Fukushima Daiichi one of the 15 largest nuclear power [...]

Cause of shutdown at North Anna nuclear plant sought – Post Earthquake Tour of Nuclear Power Station
Dominion Virginia Power officials are working to discover exactly what caused the North Anna nuclear reactors to trip off line in the Aug. 23 earthquake. Knowing precisely what prompted the shutdown of the station’s two 980-megawatt reactors is critical for validating the safety of the plant‘s design. Realizing that whatever was happening could affect the [...]

Japanese Citizens Want to Keep Heritage – “I’ll Never Leave, I’ll Never Be Beaten”
AP News reported on August 31 about Mr. Naoto Matsumura, who refuses to leave his home and his farm in Tomioka-machi, which lies in the no-entry evacuation zone within the 20 kilometer radius from Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant. His family has farmed in that location for 5 generations. “I’ll never be beaten”, he says. [...]

What The Physics? | Nuclear News Watch the TBS feed AND the TEPCO webcam simulcast EXCLUSIVELY HERE

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Radiation Alerts Video II

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Exposing the "unspeakable" realities of the Japanese catastrophe in this 60 Minutes program Sunday night during which leading nuclear scientist Dr. Michio Kaku said radiation from Fukushima will impact of all of humanity. The nuclear energy power industry violation of the right to health is apparent throughout the new Australian report.

"In fact the whole world will be exposed from the radiation from Fukushima," Dr. Kaku told reporter Liz Hayes.

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Radiation Alerts.
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Radiation Alerts: Video Radiation Alerts Fukushima Radioactive Rain falls in Toronto,Canada at DANGEROUS(20 000 CPM) levels Aug 14 2011

Radiation Alerts: Video Radiation Alerts Fukushima Radioactive Rain falls in Toronto,Canada at DANGEROUS(20 000 CPM) levels Aug 14 2011

PLEASE PASS THIS VIDEO OUT.. it needs to be seen and heard.

People are not getting it, it will effect us all in ways you may not want to know, but you need to.

Hundreds of millions of people world wide are getting affected by this. Cancers and illness will rise to epic proportions.

Radiation Alerts

Radiation Alerts
September 2,

Experts warn of dangers from radioactive waste swamps at Japan sewage plants

Environmental experts in Japan are warning of new fallout from the country's nuclear crisis.
Radioactive waste is piling up at several sewerage plants, well away from the crippled Fukushima reactor.
Months after the tsunami and earthquake that triggered the nuclear meltdown, the government still has no policy on what to do with the waste.
Al Jazeera's Steve Chao reports from Saitama

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Radiation Alerts

September 3,

Cause of shutdown at North Anna nuclear plant sought - Post Earthquake Tour of Nuclear Power Station

Dominion Virginia Power officials are working to discover exactly what caused the North Anna nuclear reactors to trip off line in the Aug. 23 earthquake.

Knowing precisely what prompted the shutdown of the station's two 980-megawatt reactors is critical for validating the safety of the plant's design.

"We felt the shaking (in) the control room," said Unit 1 senior reactor operator Jason Russell, 30, of Henrico County. "I thought we may have ruptured a steam pipe in our turbine building."

Realizing that whatever was happening could affect the plant, Russell said, he immediately told his reactor operators to bring their reactor off line. "By the time the operators reached for the switches, the (automatic system) shutdown was already over."

Damage at the plant: cracks between concrete blocks in an administration building wall, a slight buckling in a corridor floor in that building, and damaged seals on some large electrical transformers.

Plant officials also said they found a horizontal crack in a non-safety-related wall of a room inside the Unit 1 reactor containment building.

The temblor also caused 25 of the 115-ton steel casks storing highly radioactive used nuclear-fuel rods to shift as much as 4½ inches out of position on their concrete storage pad.

Though the power company has not completed its analysis of the event, the earthquake apparently produced combinations of shaking forces larger than the plant was initially designed for, Stoddard said Friday.

North Anna's reactors remained out of service Friday as company officials continued detailed inspections of the station structures and systems. A Nuclear Regulatory Commission's augmented inspection team also is reviewing the effects of the earthquake. Stoddard said the final analysis is expected to be completed by the end of next week.

Utility officials had said earlier that electrical switches in the systems carrying power to the generating station had shaken open, signaling the reactors to trip. "We believe right now that was not the case," Stoddard said.

"There were multiple trip signals coming in," North Anna Site Vice President Larry Lane said. "We're talking about a difference of a second."


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September 4, 12:59 PM

North Anna nuclear plant starts construction of 3rd Reactor Despite Not Receiving License and Current Increased Inspections

It will be another week before final analysis of North Anna’s “shake plates,” which recorded ground motion at the site, is finished, official says.

But Dominion expects to build the new plant. On Friday, bulldozers moved dirt in early preparations for the reactor’s containment building, designed to be sturdier than the existing structures. Company official Page Kemp said Dominion could receive a license for the reactor in 2013 or 2014.

Despite the upbeat picture painted of a nuclear plant that withstood the first earthquake-triggered shutdown in the 53-year history of commercial nuclear power in the United States, environmental groups have long questioned the wisdom of locating the plant in the Central Virginia Seismic Zone.

Regulators are also weighing in. After the Fukushima Daiichi disaster in Japan, the NRC ordered renewed study, now underway, of seismic risks to 27 U.S. nuclear plants, including North Anna.

“The power plant shouldn’t have been built there in first place,” said Lou Zeller of the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, which is seeking to stop construction of a proposed third North Anna reactor. “Mother Nature has weighed in here.”

The group won a minor victory Thursday when the NRC’s Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel agreed to hear its objections to the third reactor.


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Nuclear Energy - News September 5, 2011

Official: Japanese nuclear plant stabilization ahead of schedule (CNN)
Efforts to stabilize Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, crippled by a March tsunami which triggered a nuclear crisis, are running ahead of schedule, according to the president of the Tokyo Electric Power Company, which operates the plant.

American Nuclear Tech: It's About Japan (Janakiram MSV)
Ashok Parthasarathi writes in IE that the US nuclear reactor suppliers, in which Japanese companies Toshiba and Hitachi have a majority stake, by Japanese position cannot provide India reactors because India is a non-signatory to the NPT and the CTBT .

There are jobs in S.C., for those who have education, training (The State)
Even as South Carolina struggles with 10.9 percent unemployment this Labor Day, there is hope for workers who have the right skills – or are willing to train for them.

Atomic Power Needed to Save Japan Economy: Noda (Bloomberg)
Tobias Harris, author of the "Observing Japan" political blog and a former aide to ex-Democratic Party of Japan lawmaker Keiichiro Asao, talks about the nation's government and political environment.

Quake does little to shake town's nuclear f... (WTAQ-AM Green Bay)
In a village of about 500 where nearly everyone knows someone who works at the local nuclear plant, the recent historic earthquake created more punch lines than new concerns about the safety of their community.

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Video Radiation Alerts Fukushima Radioactive Rain falls in Toronto,Canada at DANGEROUS(20 000 CPM) levels Aug 14 2011

Fukushima Radioactive Rain falls in Toronto,Canada at DANGEROUS(20 000 CPM) levels Aug 14 2011

You will be shocked.. and its all true..

Let the video run a few seconds, notice the purple that is spreading across the Americas and then the Geiger counter readings that are shown in the field of Canada to dust from windows.. 

Emails wont show this video, so please go to to see this..


Credit to Canuckism101 & electrosyl capturing the radiation AND Canuckism101 for the excellent production thank you both of you for the excellent reporting and production!

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