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Friday, March 28, 2014

Do to the complexity in others being able to do daily or historical news on Fukushima reactor issues or other nuclear reactor issues, we started a few FaceBook groups.

Those groups are now being filled by other qualified people with current Radiation Alerts from Japan and other Failed Reactors.

Please join the group for news and or help post to invite people from around the world whom need to know the truth on what is starting to kill populations in sea life, terrestrial life , land and human life.

FaceBook Group
Radiation Alerts from Japan and other Failed Reactors.
Global Deactivation of Radiation group

Radiation cures group..

For your support with Radiation Alerts and its main goal in research for solutions by buying your Geiger Counters and other items through our association with Amazon. THey will give us 3 to 5% of products sold through this site,
you can also get other items that help you and help support us.. Like

PS.. and upgrade to the population die off from 100'rds of millions to BILLIONS.

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