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Monday, August 22, 2011

When voters don't count and the Kansas City Missouri Nuclear reactors issue

When your majority vote no longer counts and your City Council negates your rights so they can build more deadly nuclear reactors, then what have we got here in America.

Why do we push democracy on other countries and we are not following it here. Something is wrong with this story below.

Enformable - August 22, 12:34 PM

Kansas City MO - City Council Expects Lawsuit After Attempts to Block Residents Nuclear Worries

Despite petitions getting enough signatures to call for a city-wide vote, a city council committee in Kansas City Missouri, on Wednesday approved an ordinance that would overrule a petition to stall the construction of a nuclear parts plant in south Kansas City.

The council does not want to shut the plant down, or be forced to have a public vote. The city and state governments are working to overcome the petitions by debating the citizens rights to shut down a federal facility.

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