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Monday, August 22, 2011

Nuclear Energy - News August 22, 2011

Nuclear Energy - News August 22, 2011

Energy-saving 'setsuden' campaign sweeps Japan after Fukushima(Guardian Unlimited)
Neon lights are switched off, trains are running slower and billboards flash energy savings as Japan looks to alternative sources of energy beyond nuclear power Workers using LED lamps instead of main lights, in an office in Tokyo.

Areas Near Japan Nuke Plant to Remain Off-Limits (Fox News)
Some residents evacuated from around Japan's stricken nuclear power plant may not to be able to return to their homes for "a long time" due to projections that high radiation levels will linger, a top government official said Monday.

Nuclear protesters celebrate 35 years of activism with Seabrook march (SeacoastOnline)
The past, present and future in the fight against the use of nuclear power converged Sunday at the site where battle lines were drawn on the Seacoast 35 years ago.

Singh bats for nuclear power shunned by Bengal (The Telegraph)
MK Narayanan, Milan Sanyal, Manmohan Singh, Mamata Banerjee and Srikumar Banerjee at the Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics in Calcutta on Sunday.

A Gallery of Small Fusion Startups (Al Fin)
General Fusion General Fusion is a small startup headquartered near Vancouver, BC.

India should file more patents, have more Nobels: PM - Talkies)
Kolkata, Aug 21: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Sunday regretted India's low filing of patents compared to several developing countries, and said the nation should aim to produce more Nobel laureates.

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