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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Live Event! The truth about radiation toxicity | Natural Health 365

Live Event! The truth about radiation toxicity | Natural Health 365:

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by Jonathan Landsman 
(NaturalHealth365) Are you concerned about radiation toxicity? The truth is nuclear bomb testing, modern technology and disasters like, Fukushima and Chernobyl have put our lives at risk. To make matters worse – the mainstream media and government health agencies refuse to disclose the dangers of radiation. In fact, they tell us “not to worry”.
Don’t be uninformed. Recently, the NaturalNews Talk Hour presented “Radiation Alert” – a special audio event (recorded live) about the dangers of radiation; different types of radiation plus natural ways to protect ourselves from the threat of radiation poisoning. Due to Hurricane Sandy – the live broadcast was difficult to broadcast, so we are offering the entire show – right here:
Listen now to “Radiation Alert” featuring Dr. Roy Dittman by clicking the “play” button – below.
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On March 11, 2011, the world was forever changed when a magnitude 9 earthquake struck the coast of Japan. The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power facility reminds us about how fragile life really is. It’s time to prepare for the worse – just to be safe.
We are one earthquake away from a complete meltdown at Fukushima
We all know that the Unit 4 reactor at Fukushima is structurally damaged. If an earthquake hits, it is likely to collapse and Mox fuel would most likely be released into our atmosphere. Mox fuel contains plutonium and uranium, which cannot penetrate the skin but if it comes into contact with the lungs, the results are devastating.
Keep in mind, inhaling just 1 ten millionth of a gram of plutonium (0.1 mcg) is considered to be a toxic dose. Learn more about the different types of radiation and how we can protect ourselves. The NaturalNews Talk Hour program (posted above) features Roy Dittman, OMD, MH, DM – a natural healthcare expert.
NaturalNews Talk Hour program highlights:
1. A full description of the different types of radiation?
2. What is Mox fuel and why is it so dangerous?
3. How can we protect ourselves from plutonium and uranium?
4. How can people protect themselves from radioactive iodine-131 and cesium-137?
5. Which types of radiation are the most dangerous to the fetus?
6. How does radiation alter our genetic expression plus much more!
You’ll want to take notes! The audio program offered on this page is filled with natural ways to defend ourselves from radiation poisoning. Please feel free to share this page with concerned family and friends. And, if you have any question for Dr. Dittman – related to radiation – post your comments below.
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