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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Radiation Alerts

Kenyan Oil Pipeline, French Nuclear Site Explode + Earthquakes, Flooding, Fracking & Fukushima (TreeHugger)
From today's pipeline explosion in Kenya and nuclear plant explosion in the south of France, to word coming late last week about the effects of the Virginia earthquake on nuclear power, to the amount of radiation released into the sea in the Fukushima nuclear disaster, to questions raised about the intersection of fracking and floodplains in New ... (more)

Recommendations for nuclear plants come after Louisa quake (Richmond Times-Dispatch)
The North Anna nuclear-power plant in Virginia is emerging as a test case for federal regulators as they reassess the dangers posed to U.S. nuclear reactors by earthquakes and other natural disasters.

New PM: Japan should aim to reduce nuclear power (Newsday)
Addressing parliament in his first policy speech since taking office two weeks ago, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda also said he would press ahead with the recovery along the tsunami-battered northeastern coast, calling on his fellow citizens not to forget "the spirit of dignity of all Japanese that was displayed despite the hopelessness of this ... (more)

Fukushima reactors now stable - IAEA (Independent Online)
The reactors at Japan's crippled Fukushima atomic power plant are now "essentially stable", the United Nations nuclear chief said on Monday, six months after the world's worst nuclear disaster in a quarter of a century.

Entergy, Vt. square off over nuclear plant future (Sunherald)
An executive at the company that owns Vermont's only nuclear power plant told a federal judge Monday that he felt heavy pressure from state officials to sell power at a price favorable to Vermont utilities if his company wanted the state to allow the plant to continue operating.

NRC staff: Reassess Earthquake Risk at Nuke Plants (NBC29)
Staff at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission say the agency should immediately require operators to evaluate whether nuclear plants can withstand earthquakes and floods after events in Japan and Virginia.

Inspection team checking out Neb. nuclear plant (WOI-TV West Des Moines)
A special team of federal inspectors is at the Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant looking for the cause of a small fire at the plant in June.

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