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Sunday, May 8, 2011

YouTube - Japan Radiation has reached Alaska! Canada and California Next. reaches fallout Warning!

Warning America, Radiation spreading Nuclear blast unavoidable. Radioactive Fallout Heading Our Way, Workers have been withdrawn and have abandon power plant, nuclear blast is unavoidable. 4th fourth 5th fifth Japan Explosion Melt Down CNN Power plant fox news cbs rt cnn abc bbc news nuclear nuke plant melt down cooling rod failed west coast US untied states another california vancouver canada will reach Japanese Workers Abandon Power Plant withdrawn evacuated tokyo Nuclear Blast Explosion Detected at Japanese Japan Powerplant, Meltdown Unavoidable

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Anonymous said...

I was poisoned when a clerk injected a bolus of technetium into my arm without knowing my weight. As a result of that, I am supersensitive to radiation. Whenever a plume of the radiation comes here, I can feel it in my hands and overall I feel very sick. I could care less what the govt says or anyone else - the poisoning I experienced was horrible and the same physical feelings return with the Japanese radiation. We are in danger. Get a reverse osmosis water filter and be extremely careful about what you eat. Wash everything carefully and use a vegetable cleaner. Take your shoes off at the door and wash your hands often. There is really nothing else to do unless you move. But the question is, move where? The radiation has been detected from Fla to NY and the west coast, Alaska and HA. Why is the government not taking care of the citizens? They must have forgotten that they are of, by and for the people and not an oligarchy throwing out scraps to the serfs. We are not serfs yet but if we continue to be so passive, and fail to seek the truth, we are doomed. Wake up - corporations rule the country and news media = corporation.
Danger - wake up. Radiation kills and there is no safe level of radiation.. How dare the government not tell the truth. How dare the government say it cannot hurt you. There is no safe level of radiation. Radiation = Death. Read all you can about this disaster. It will not go away and the Japanese plants still spew forth. It is time to pay attention.